Flatiron - Mini

Flatiron - Mini


It’s here…

The Flatiron - Mini is super similar to its larger counterpart, just smaller.

Its the bag I use everyday as it suits the size items I need to carry around. That is my standards (keys, phone wallet), while also carrying a few A5 drawing books, a pair of sunnies, and other random small items.

The bag is actually slightly triangular in form to maximise the amount of things you can fit in it, whilst minimising how big it looks. Kind of like the Tardis. This bag is an illusion.

The asymmetric form of the bag is what makes this bag weird and it’s also what makes the bag beautiful and completely unique.

This bag is the culmination of everything I know about leather work and the tools and techniques involved.

The inside of the bag contains one pocket that fits A5 notes or accessories.

I make this bag out of Australian Saddle leather, wet formed to create a sturdy yet comfortable bag.

All the hardware for the bag is Solid Brass that I have hand finished to give it a natural feel.


Width: 22cm

Height: 27cm

Depth: 3cm-9cm

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