The Lugger Tote - Kangaroo Leather

The Lugger Tote - Kangaroo Leather


The Lugger Yacht is a boat that is both simple and handy whilst also being classic and beautiful. An everyday fishing boat for some.

I designed the Lugger Tote to be the same really. Simple, handy, classic and beautiful. An everyday tote. Plus, it’s a bag to lug your stuff around in. It’s decent in size without appearing to be an oversized bag, and it’s tough enough to handle what life throws at it.

The bag has a zippered inside pocket sized generously to fit your phone, keys and wallet.


I have used Kangaroo Leather for the outside of this bag as it is both very strong whilst also being light weight and soft. This is my lightest weight tote ever. Being naturally tanned kangaroo leather, the bag will start off the colour pictured and a little rigid. And as you wear it in in will slowly darken in colour and become beautifully soft.

The straps are naturally tanned bovine leather. I’ve kept them slim so they sit on your shoulder better whilst still strong enough to carry a heavy load.

I’ve lined these bags with a white natural cotton canvas to make finding the contents of your bag easy.

The zipper is solid brass YKK.


Height: 30cm

Width at top: 47cm

Width at base: 29cm

Depth at base: 15cm

Inside pocket dimensions:

Width: 27cm

Height: 20cm

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