The Transit Tote

The Transit Tote


The Transit Tote is a bag for your everyday. It’s simple. I make it from tough materials. It gets the job done. You can take it as your carry on when you’re flying not-stop around the world. Or, you can fit a couple of nappies in it, a few water bottles and head to the park. Whatevs’. This bag is for everyone.

I designed this bag in collaboration with one of my best old friends, Conor Ashleigh. Conor’s an photojournalist who spends a huge amount of time on the road and in Transit. As a contrast, my life is spent being a Dad, running our shop - Hide + Seeker, and making all our leather and canvas goods. So, we thought it would be cool to see if we could design a tote bag that would suit both of our different lifestyles.


The bag is made from Hunter Valley locally milled Waxed Canvas, and naturally tanned Australian Leather. The canvas is very water resistant and the leather is super durable, and beautiful. Each bag is a little different as every hide I use has its own characteristic marks.

The inside of the bag has a pocket designed to fit a 15” macbook pro, and another pocket for your smaller valuables - wallet, phone, keys etc. The top of the bag is designed to fold over to give you a little extra protection from the elements and security.


  • Width 32cm

  • Depth 10cm

  • Height 40cm

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