The Square belt

The Square belt


I make The Square Belt using a combination of thick soft Australian saddle leather and a solid brass buckle. Each of these belts are hand stitched with Braided Italian Nylon saddle thread. If I could own just one belt this would be it. I actually do wear one of these almost every day. 

The leather I use for these starts off a bit rigid and with use breaks into being one of the most comfortable belts you could wrap around your waist.

Although this buckle is quite simple, to me it is also perfect. Perfect simplicity. It took me years to find this buckle, and I'm stoked I found it. As well as looking beautiful it is solid brass so it will last for decades too. 


Small: 33" - 37" (size 30-33)

Medium: 37.5" - 41.5" (size 33-36)

Large: 40.5" - 44.5" (size 36-39)

Width: 40mm


If "In Stock” they will be posted within 3 days of purchase. If "Sold Out" send us an enquiry and I can let you know how long the wait is to have one made to order. 

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