The Getaway Bag

The Getaway Bag


The Getaway Bag is exactly that. A bag for when you just need to getaway. 

I designed this one to fit enough outfits and belongings for anything from a swift night away to a long weekend adventure. It'll comfortably fit two piles of clothes stacked next to each other, pairs of shoes, all the things basically. 

Pockets wise, there is a sneaky little pocket on the outside just big enough to fit a few of your essentials, and then two big internal pockets down each side of the bag.

The bag has two solid sewn in straps that make it comfortable to sling over your shoulder in a hurry. As an extra you can also get the clip on cross body leather shoulder strap if you like to wear your bag with the strap across your body. This is an optional extra as I know everyone likes to carry their bag differently. That's cool. 

Also, I made sure that the size of this bag fits in with most airline size requirements for your carry-on restrictions. 

The bag is made with a combination of Australian-made waterproof canvas, Kangaroo leather base, and veg tan straps. 


56cm long x 23cm wide x 30cm tall. 

22" long x 9" wide x 12" tall 

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